Dissertation Project Win’s SCCAP Routh Dissertation Grant Honorable Mentions

The SCCAP Board of Directors is honored to be able to offer many different types of awards for SCCAP student members. The Routh Dissertation Grant provides support for student research that shows promise to add significantly to the literature in the area of clinical child and adolescent psychology. 

 Look for more information about each of their projects in an upcoming issue of InBalance. 

Routh Dissertation Grant Recipients:

Angela Dahiya-Singh, Virginia Tech, Providing Telehealth Support for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using A Mobile App
Raha Hassan, McMaster University, Longitudinal Investigation of Shyness, Self-Regulation, and Observed Peer Dyadic Interactions in Preschoolers
Casie Morgan, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Superhero Media and Risk-taking: Is Superhero Play a Risk Factor for Unintentional Injury in Preschool-aged Children?
Zabin Patel, University of Miami, The Treatment Ecology: Individual, Family, and Neighborhood Effects on Depression and Anxiety Treatment in Youth

Honorable Mentions:

Emily Fourie, University of California, Davis, Perception and Execution of Biological Motion Adhering to the Two-Thirds Power Law: A Comparison Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typical Development
Alyssa Palmer, 
University of Minnesota, Positive Influences on Early Childhood Mental Health in the Context of Rural Poverty
Lindsay Taraban,
 University of Pittsburgh, An Exploration of the Domain-Specificity of Maternal Sensitivity in the Infancy Period: Unique Paths to Child Outcomes

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