Awarded APF Dr. Eyde Grant

I received a $3,500 grant to support data integration and policy brief development for my project in collaboration with the Minneapolis Public School District

The Minneapolis Public School (MPS) district in Minnesota offers free early childhood screening for 3- to 6-year-old children. This service aims to identify children who need additional educational and behavioral support in the transition to school. In collaboration with MPS, the study team introduced new measures of child self-regulation to their early childhood screening protocol and then combined children’s assessment outcomes with administrative data (e.g., Educational and Homeless Management Data). I aim to understand for whom these various screening measures are most effective in predicting third grade adjustment, including among students experiencing the effects of poverty, racial inequity, and homelessness. This information will then be used to inform early childhood screening efforts across the state of Minnesota.

For more information about the Lorraine D. Eyde Fund Grant visit:

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